The corporate philosophy of Vecchia Deruta is based on the valorization of the raw materials in harmony with human creativity. This synergy builds up a unique company profile. For this reason Vecchia Deruta has become a leading brand in the production of artistic ceramics, both traditional and innovative in design.

The use of special glazes and high-quality colors for ceramics, in union with a strong background of artistic and manufacturing knowledge, creates the outstanding quality of our products. The skills and the long experience of our ceramists make our pottery finely finished in all its detail.

Here is the origin of Ceramiche Vecchia Deruta very unique style. It is also its real strength that makes possible to meet the needs of a changing market through a technical and stylistic adaptability. Thanks to the use of traditional methods and innovative ceramic mixtures, Vecchia Deruta is able to meet the personal needs of any taste.

Vecchia Deruta collections have a role as protagonists offering decorative interpretations of any environment: traditional or modern, simple or sophisticated.

They represents a fresh new way of interpreting interior design and lifestyle of nowadays.